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Roof Flashing Services In DeKalb, Illinois

Our experienced team offers comprehensive flashing solutions to keep your home dry and secure. Contact us today to safeguard your roof with precision and expertise.

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Types Of Flashing We Install

We are experts at installing and repairing key types of roof flashing:

Step Flashing

Interlocking pieces are installed along roof-wall joints to prevent leaks while integrating seamlessly with the shingles.

Valley Flashing

Durable metal flashing lines roof valley intersections to channel water towards the gutters and prevent erosion.

Drip Edge Flashing

Installed along the eaves to direct water off the edge of the roof and protect fascia boards.

Chimney Flashing

Seals gaps between the chimney and the roof's surface to prevent leaks from wind-driven rain.

Vent Pipe Flashing

Flashing is custom fit to create a watertight barrier around protruding pipes and vents.


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Our Flashing Installation & Replacement Process

  • We thoroughly inspect all areas with flashing to determine your roof's specific needs.
  • We expertly measure and cut flashing materials to fit your roof's unique dimensions and protrusions.
  • Our experienced technicians ensure flawless application for optimal leak protection.
  • We properly seal all flashing seams and joints using premium sealant.
  • We inspect the newly installed or replaced flashing to ensure it's properly secured and watertight.


Homeowners across Northern Illinois choose us for our commitment to community-focused service, precision in every project, and the honest, consultative approach we provide.

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